For immediate help, please call the Manitoba Suicide Helpline Toll Free 1(877) 435-7170

Admin & Staff


The school is an important support system for students, parents and staff and has an important role to play in preventing suicide. Developing a school-based comprehensive approach to youth suicide prevention involves paying attention to various prevention tiers including mental health promotion and promotion of school connectedness, universal prevention, efforts targeted to students with risk factors and supports for those students who are identified at highest risk. A core component for schools is ensuring that school crisis response policies include protocols for helping students at possible risk for suicide and protocols for responding to a suicide death.

The Administrators section includes resources and information on

    School-based suicide prevention
    Guidelines for public education and awareness
    Suicide contagion
    Bullying and suicide


The Staff section includes resources and information on

    Self-compassion and resiliency
    Teacher and student led involvement in suicide prevention
    Hand-outs for parents
    Curriculum-based mental health literacy