For immediate help, please call the Manitoba Suicide Helpline Toll Free 1(877) 435-7170


After a Suicide Attempt: A Guide for Family and Friends

It can be an emotional and confusing time when someone you care about attempts suicide. This booklet guides readers through what can be expected at the hospital, as well as informing them of their rights and the rights of their loved one(s). It includes a general understanding of what someone struggling with suicidal thoughts or behaviour may be experiencing, along with tips about caring for the loved one (safety plans) and themselves (self compassion) through this difficult time. A list of resources and references for further reading are also included.

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Hope and Resiliency at Home Manitoba

We all have a natural tendency to protect and care for family and others who we feel close to. This can be difficult to do if we are not caring for ourselves as well. Becoming overwhelmed can cause us to lose the ability to offer the assistance we were previously capable of, and leave the person in need of support feeling abandoned. This resource provides information and resources on how to look after personal wellbeing, while encouraging wellness and resilience with others.

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How Parents Can Recognize the Warning Signs and Help A Suicidal Teen

As a parent/caregiver, it can be very hard to hear your teen talking about suicide or wanting to hurt themselves. This information sheet for parents talks about the signs of suicide, and what parents/caregivers can do to help their teens when they are experiencing a crisis.

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