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Children 12 and Under and Suicide

Handle with Care: Strategies for Promoting Mental Health of Young Children in Community Based Child Care

Promoting mental wellness can begin with children in the earliest stages of their development. With an increasing trend towards out of home child care for working parents, centre-based strategies to promote mental health and wellness are becoming more important. The information in this booklet represents the best practices collected from 81 child care centers across Canada and a review of the current literature. The resource offers strategies for developing age appropriate and culturally relevant life skills in children as a way to promote positive social and emotional development.

  • Developing trust and relationships
  • Building positive self esteem and expressing emotions
  • Respecting diversity
  • Well being of practitioners
  • Clear guiding practices for everyone

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Not a Child: Children and Suicide Resource Kit

Although rare, children under 12 can still be at risk for suicide. This toolkit offers statistics specific to children under the age of 14, warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors. Also included is a list of programs that aim to help schools identify who may be at risk.

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