For immediate help, please call the Manitoba Suicide Helpline Toll Free 1(877) 435-7170


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Mailing Address: 442 Scotia Street Winnipeg R2V1X4
Phone Number: (204) 338-7971
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Fax: (204) 334-1496

Marymound’s primary mission is with children, youth and families who need support as they face the challenges of growing, learning and parenting. Through culturally diverse care in safe living environments, individual relationships, academic preparation, therapeutic intervention and advocacy, Marymound supports Manitoba children and their families to reach their fullest potential and independence. Many of the individuals and families Marymound support are involved in the provincial child welfare system. We provide residentially based interventions and treatment, specialized foster care, independent living resources, a 60 student school, crisis supports and therapy services for young victims of sexual abuse.

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Organization Type: Community based
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Available Languages: English
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