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Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is a national non-profit charity with the overall objective of providing people with mood disorders with a powerful unifying voice at the national level. The MDSC works to raise awareness of mood disorders as well as advocate for those living with mood disorders. It also acts as a national database of information and resources related to issues surrounding mood disorders.
The website offers links to a wide variety of resources, notably “MDSC’s Recommended Reading List,” “Child and Youth Mental Health Toolkit,” “Helping Children Cope,” and a number of resources surrounding issues of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and other related mood disorders.

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Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba

The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM) is a non-profit organization that operates throughout the province of Manitoba. Its purpose is in supporting those affected by mood disorders through education, advocacy and peer support.

MDAM offers public information sessions on a range of topics relating to mood disorders through their team of speakers that can be provided upon request to select groups, including schools and clubs. Most presentations are free of charge with charitable donations welcomed. Presentation topics include “Teens and Adolescents,” “Suicide Awareness Presentation,” “Teens: Is it a Mood or a Mood Disorder,” “Parents and Teenage Conflict,” “Empowerment and Recovery,” and a wide variety of other topics.

The association also offers light rental/purchase to those living with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). MDAM has also organized an annual summer camp called “Let It Out!” The camp is designed to foster an environment for youth (particularly those at risk of or affected by mood disorders) to develop peer relationships through the creation and celebration of rock music. The website also provides a list of resources as well as crisis support lines.

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Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba

The Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM) is a peer-led organization formed in 1986 that was designed to provide support to Manitobans affected by anxiety disorders. They also provide resources, ongoing support groups for “the prevention, education, early intervention and management of anxiety disorders,” as well as Cognitive Behavioural Programs.

ADAM has a Public Education Coordinator who is available to provide free presentations in the Winnipeg area.. ADAM also provides comprehensive reading and counselling resources. There is a specific section that is geared towards children and adolescents. The website also includes a number of tools which include anxiety videos and audio relaxation exercises.

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Manitoba Schizophrenia Society

The Manitoba Schizophrenia Society (MSS) is a non-profit, community-based organization that works to use education, peer support programs, research, public policy and individual consultations in order to improve the quality of life for those affected by schizophrenia and psychosis. The organization offers several educational workshops including public presentations on topics such as schizophrenia, mental health and recovery, psychosis, and so forth. For children ages 7-13 who have a family member living with mental illness, they offer a “Name That Feeling” workshop which provides tools for identifying and communicating feelings, understanding and coping with stigma, developing resilience, and self care. “The Eight Stages of Healing” is another of the workshops offered by MSS and is aimed at improving coping skills and a family’s system of care. Also available are teen groups, peer support, individual consultations and referral services.

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Reason to Live

This Manitoba-based website provides support and resources to anyone who is

  • Struggling with suicidal thoughts/feelings
  • Concerned about someone at risk of harming themselves
  • Dealing with a suicide loss
  • Inquiring about suicide and suicide prevention

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Helping Traumatized Children Learn

Information on how to create trauma-sensitive schools, including a groundbreaking publication that describes the impact of trauma on learning and proposes a policy agenda.

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The Center for Suicide Prevention

As a branch of the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) the Center for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to serving survivors, caregivers, researchers, professionals and community members across Canada by offering education and workshops that aim to provide the skills necessary to prevent suicide. This website offers access to training workshops, online courses, webinars geared to teachers and suicide prevention literature.

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Klinic Community Health Centre, is a non-profit community health clinic located in Winnipeg. The mission is to offer primary health care, mental health care and community health services to enhance individual and community capacity. Klinic provides services to its geographic community, the community of Winnipeg and many services are available on a provincial basis. Program areas include health services, counselling services and community health and education.

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The Canadian Mental Health Association is a nation wide organization that provides advocacy, education, and support to all Canadians in an effort to promote mental wellness among the population. With offices in seven different regions of Manitoba, schools all over the province can access their support. CMHA websites offer a wealth of facts and statistics about many mental illnesses as well as information on the many workshops offered. Youth specific programs include the Building Futures service and the Youth Mental Health Promotion service.

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Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to reducing the suicide rate in Canada through research, education and advocacy. This national organization provides a wealth of information on their website about many aspects of suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. Specific sections are dedicated to understanding what may drive a person to thoughts of suicide, prevention through hope and resiliency, coping and intervention for survivors, grief, advocacy, and news and resources.

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Several videos in English and French can also be found on this website under News and Resources (Click here)

Egale Canadian Human Rights Trust

Egale Canada is an organization that advocates on behalf of Canada’s LGBT population. This includes working to create safer schools across Canada for LGBT youth and their allies through Gay-Straight Alliance programs. This website provides access to resources for starting GSA’s in schools, as well as educator training, and specifically suicide prevention in the LGBT youth community.

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INSYNC Resource (Interdisciplinary National Self-Injury in Youth Network Canada)

This website includes basic information about self injury in youth, as well as links to further information. Separate pages are dedicated to youth who engage in self harm, their friends and family, and professionals such as teachers and school counselors, each including links to resources appropriate for that audience.

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Living Works

Find access to various workshops supporting suicide prevention ranging from 90 minutes to two days.

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Teacher Vision Suicide Prevention and Awareness Resources

This website provides a collection of links and resources for educators, caregivers, and students. Resources include lesson plans and printables for use in classroom settings.

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Calm In The Storm

A new Calm In the Storm App and website have been developed, based on the success of the Calm In the Storm booklet. The App helps users identify, assess and track their own stress levels, and provides highly effective mind/body practices to reduce stress. A unique feature of this App is the inclusion of programming designed to help people whose levels of stress have become so intense that they begin to experience thoughts of suicide. Calm In the Storm helps people manage suicidal thoughts and create individualized plans for keeping themselves safe.

The App can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store.

A web version is also available for desktop computers and all other devises here

Help cards promoting the App can be obtained by contacting

New! Klinic now offers on-line support via live web chat and an email helpline (M-F 10 AM to 9 PM) Click here for details.